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Final Design Approval
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Final Design Acceptance


Builder:                                                                          Date: 05-26-2022


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Dear ,

Please sign and date in the provided space below to acknowledge your acceptance of the final design and order that has been created for your home. We will need to have you send us a copy of the Final Design Acceptance for our records should you be viewing this copy away from the design center facility. Any further changes must be acknowledged and approved by your builder. These revisions will be subject to a change order and documentation fee. Initials _________


Aterra Designs is providing dimensions to your plan. However, due to the nature of the construction process, the installing contractor may have to relocate an item due to interference of framing, trusses, and/or mechanical logistics. Initials ________


It has been a pleasure being a member of your design team, and I trust we have met or exceeded your expectations in the services provided through Aterra Designs. 




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